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Are you looking for a job at BlaBlaCar and are highly motivated?

BlaBlaCar brings together the largest long distance carpool community in the world. We connect drivers traveling with free seats and passengers wishing to make the same journey. The costs of the trip are shared between the carpoolers. The name “BlaBlaCar” comes from the fact that the carpoolers choose if they are rather “Bla”, “BlaBla” or “BlaBlaBla” by car according to their degree of gossip.

Tech Driven

Our technical stack is composed among others of Java, Python, Go, Swift, React, Kotlin, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, MySQL, Cassandra, memcached, and Redis. You can find all of our stack on  Stackshare .

Learn more about our tech expertise by reading our  Tech blog, and following our  Tech twitter account .

A team of passionate talents

The BlaBlaCar team has 350 passionate and innovative employees, from 24 different nationalities and mastering all English. In addition, 1/4 of the team is part of the  BlaBlaCar Ambassadors .

Unique culture and working conditions

Discover our BlaBlaPrinciples which are the base of our culture, and our startup spirit.

In addition, as a BlaBlaCar employee, you will be able to:

  • discover our history and vision and feel welcome during our Onboarding Days,
  • stay informed about the company’s projects and developments during the BlaBlaTalk every two weeks,
  • have fun during our afterwork and weekly breakfasts,
  • innovate off the roadmap during our Coding Night,
  • stay in shape while playing sports in the gym of our offices located in the center of Paris,
  • attend the best tech conferences in France or abroad,
  • enjoy an annual BlaBlaBreak for three days during which our Fun & Serious principle makes perfect sense!
  • to travel to one of our international offices during an annual BlaBlaSwap,
  • carpool for free if you share your service improvement ideas,
  • and many more opportunities.

Our recruitment process

Applicants must provide a CV in English (PDF format) and answer a few questions.

If your file meets our expectations, you will be invited to meet the team during interviews and conduct a technical test or a case study.

If you join BlaBlaCar, you will join the team through a three-day onboarding program in Paris.

By joining the BlaBlaCar team:

  • you will participate in the democratization of a smarter and more sustainable mode of transport,
  • you will have the pleasure of working with talented, highly motivated and dynamic colleagues in a constantly changing environment,
  • you will join a startup that is developing worldwide, multilingual, mobile and with a real culture and international vision.

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